New Intel chip based two-factor authentication

In a recent article in Information Week we learn about using our Personal Devices as “two-factor authentication” devices.  Intel has added technology into their newest chipset to register the device to you and to use that authentication technology for the convenience of Electronic Commerce.  It will also allow everything you do on that laptop to be non-repudiated and tied directly to you.

IPT embeds a one-time password token into the chipset, said Jennifer Gilburg, marketing director for the authentication technology unit at Intel. The idea was to embed credentials for better security and usability for end users, she said.

More information about Intel’s Identity Protection Technology is available here.


How it works.

Intel IPT is built into select 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs, so there’s no need to memorize a code or attach a security device to your computer. When you access an Intel IPT-integrated web site, Intel IPT will automatically prompt you to associate your PC with your online asset. On subsequent logins, you will be asked to provide an easily accessed six-digit code. Intel IPT’s smart technology makes this process simpler and more secure, changing your code at regular intervals before your account can be hacked.

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