MegaUpload Shut Down by the Feds, Founder Arrested

The story can be summarized as follows:  Several arrested, assets seized, ISP employees detained, warrants issues, ….etc…this will be a common story if we don’t do something to fix the problem! and stop doing damage control.

The intellectual property that is part of this event was not adequately protected; and there is no system in place capable of  protecting it.  After the fact, after the files are copied, after the harm is done, after enough evidence is collected and after the content creators have had enough there was an effort to repair the damage…but we never do anything to fix the problem!

The scary part is when network providers, the Government, and the content marketers get together (in true Oligarchy fashion), the consumer gets an overpriced, sub-optimal, fragmented set of options that not only remove the consumer from the creator, but put the value of what has been created at risk.

The truth is that the current technology being used today is not adequate to protect the content that is being distributed.  The value of the content is somewhere between the price the creators are charging and free.  Access to the content is fragmented and sometimes difficult to use….

Our Internet is at risk….from the FCC, the commercial interests that want to make money on others content, the Carriers, the tax collectors and everyone else in the supply chain.

The excessive costs and entanglements and kickbacks and entitlements have to be removed from our systems of content delivery.  The Personal Data Coalition advocates for Copyright and Intellectual Property protection.  We also advocate for the free expression of ideas and sharing.  In the conversion from an Analog to a Digital world, the rules have to change again, the costs reduced and the value increased and massively increase the ability to scale the distribution of content.  Our content creators need simple, safe and flexible ways to create, publish and manage their creations.  The consumers need a simple, safe and flexible way to find, consume and value the content they desire.  The market place is broken.  The internet is being choked.  We citizens are all losing.

Let’s stop and rethink how media and content should be protected in the Digital Age….

MegaUpload, one of the largest file-sharing sites on the Internet, has been shut down by federal prosecutors in Virginia. The site’s founder Kim Dotcom and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand at the request of US authorities. MegaVideo, the streaming site belonging to same company, and a total of 18 domains connected to the Mega company were seized and datacenters in three countries raided.

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