Hackers – Sociopath, Hero or Corporate Villan

“In other words, hackers will be the heroes of the next revolution, too.”
Steven Levy

From Wired magazine article April 19, 2010

As purely disruptive personalities the Hackers can keep Corporations or Governments at bay, at least in the movies. But should we or can we rely on Hackers to be our heroes? Is Mark Zuckerberg a hero? Is he a Hacker, probably so, at least when he was at Harvard or defending his empire from the Vinklevoss twins. History will be the ultimate judge of hero or villan.

Computer power has grown exponentially. Where will this lead? To more personal empowerment, or more personal servitude? Do we have adequate controls and laws to protect us? Even more importantly, WHO is protecting us? Our Government? The Hackers?

We, the cultural collective, celebrate our Hackers. The late Steven Jobs, in my opinion, was the only “hacker” to have focused on the personal computer aspect of the technology. He seemed to me to find ways to help the individual and not the Oligarchy. Of course, his company Apple leads other computer companies is many ways, including Market Capitalization, a Wall Street Measure of Value.

I suppose I worry about the other 99% of the Hackers. Do they have the same ideals as Steven Jobs? Do they focus on the personal and individual aspect of computer technology? Are they more focused on the Wall Street Measures? We need to understand how all of these Hackers think and look at the future of their inventions. Not all of these hacks may be in our best interests.


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