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I have a dream and it is fully digital

29 Aug

I have a dream and it is fully digital

It is not 1963 and things have changed a lot since then.  But, the issues we still face are the same. It is still about jobs and freedom but now, all 99% of us are the persecuted and discriminated ones.  To varying degrees this discrimination is based on old stereotypes (race, age, religion, etc) and new ones (technical skills, network access, computer hardware).  On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington we have Dr. Martin Luther King to thank for giving us the vision of everyone holding hands and singing that Negro spiritual “Free at Last”.

To get our Freedom back we must understand how we lost it.  We gave it away.  We gave it to every company, employer, local, state, federal agencies, schools, doctors, and even friends and strangers.  To make it easier we created social networks.  If we want our Freedom back, then we have to stop giving it away.  Specifically, we have to stop giving our information away.  It is simple to say and hard in practice.

I have a dream.

…That someday we will be in control of our data and our lives.

…Someday we will all be able to build an economic model based on equality and non-discriminating technology.

…Our virtual selves will be colorless.

…that we can share only what is required and never have to give our information away again.

I have a dream that every person has free and open access to their information.

I have a dream that every every person will be equally treated by our laws and that our laws will be administered fairly.

I have a dream that our data will be given the same constitutional protections as our other personal property

and that our Government will do everything in their power to protect our property.  Our Government was created to serve its citizens.  We need that service and protection.

The digital future is real and it is here…today!  Please do not kid yourself that we know how to live in a digital world.  We do not.  Everything we do today to manage information, especially personal data is just plain wrong.  The direction we are headed will only lead us to a more dire and tragic future of a world with no jobs and no freedom.  That is digital slavery and we can’t let that happen.

The transistor invented in Bell Labs (a research division of AT&T) was created to help improve the quality and ability to talk on the telephone across the distances of the United States and the entire world.  At the same time the invention of the BIT (the basic unit of information) was published by another researcher at Bell Labs.  It is the combination of the transistor and the BIT that was the sentinel moment of the Digital Age and Revolution.