Rule of Law

Rule-of-law under the United States Constitution: The issue of personal data and its privacy has yet to be adequately addressed by our rule-of-law based democracy, which raises the question, do we need a new amendment to the Bill of Rights or can the same result be achieved through an interpretation of the U.S. Constitution by the Supreme Court?  Either way, we need something simple like…”Our government should take every measure to protect the significant personal data of every person in their persons, houses, papers, electronic records, and effects.”  This is similar to the Fourth (IV) Amendment which could be “interpreted” to include electronic data.

We believe that personal data including its electronic forms should be defined more clearly, legally.  While this won’t keep data from being collected by others about us — we will still have cameras taking pictures, wire taps for national security, people reading our emails for law enforcement, and social networks that provide  information about ourselves that is very personal – it will give us the same legal rights as we have with our other personal property. .