Congress: Trading stock on inside information?

60 Minutes looks at the possible insider trading of our elected representatives in our Congress. This is Oligarchy. The Powerful and the Wealthy working together and sharing information. The possibility of legislative agendas being bought and the potential for corruption is so real and so wrong.

It seems congress regulates everyone but themselves. I think it is time to take away the perks and the power from Congress and give it back to the people.

While this is not directly a 4th amendment issue, there is a link to personal data.

Let’s suppose we make a rule that all trading of our Representatives be done using a blind trust and that all trades are done without any communications between the representatives and the investment advisors. The investment advisors have access to the personal data of the representative and know their risk tolerance from a questionnaire. Let’s make another rule that the rate of return for any Representative can be no higher than the average rate of return for the DJIA or the other major indexes. So the better the Representatives do for all of the citizens and Corporations the better they do for themselves. No hidden assets or accounts would be available in the true Personal Data System.

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