Net Neutrality and the Ether

I recommend an article about the Verizon law suit v F.C.C (link is here)

The F.C.C controls the Radio Frequency spectrum and the allocations of that spectrum for the benefit of all U.S. Citizens.  I am not commenting on how good or bad they are performing that function.  I will argue that the Internet and all digital transport fits into that same model.  The F.C.C. still regulates rates for certain telephone services.  All of that traffic is digital and could be riding on the Internet for all we know.  Aside from the revenue generating potential for carriers to control the Internet, what is different about Internet traffic?  The volume of data?  The fact that most is “non-essential” communication? The ability to generate more revenue by continuing a “scarcity model” (that should not exist) and cannot be proven?

The Ether is the invisible medium that waves travel in that I learned about in college studying Physics.  Read about Ether here.  We can’t control the Ether (like air, water or the vacuum of space).  It exists.  Networks are man-made mediums like the Ether.  Dr. Robert Metcalfe used this term working on the ARPANET and developed the ETHERnet technology that most networks use today.   I believe we need to treat the Ether as an unregulated medium.

A map of the internet would be a great place to start this discussion.  Can anyone draw a map of the internet?  All of the components?  We need to know exactly what we are talking about down to the connection to everyone’s home and devices.  Does it include the equipment in your home?  Does it include your cable, Fios or (heaven help you) telephone modem?  A complete definition is needed.

Does the jurisdiction of the F.C.C. include only the traffic on the Internet?  Again, someone please define exactly what traffic we are talking about.  Any TCP/IP packet or just certain packets?

Before the internet was the ARPANET.  What was the concept of the ARPANET?  (ARPANET) A survivable self-healing network that could withstand the ravages of a (nuclear) attack?  Did that threat suddenly get re-mediated or did a new technology replace the Internet?  I don’t think so, it is just our memories going bad, plausible denial ability, or lack of understanding.

We need open reliable networks in a digital world.  The carriers need to either build them and be happy to have customers or be careful that an alternative network doesn’t spring up around them.  That is not a threat just an observation.

You and I did not choose our parents or our digital future.  I love my parents but I am not sure about our digital future.  My digital information, no matter where it is, is my personal property and should have Constitutional Rights under the 4th amendment protected by our Federal Government.  It is that simple.  Our Government.  Our Property.  They protect it by law and action.