It only matters if they control your personal data.

We are constantly bombarded with violence and tumult from around the world.  We see suffering every day if we choose to listen or watch or read any news sources.  How do you deal with what you see or read or hear?  Does it disturb you?

If your father or brother are killed it is so much more personal and affects your life in more significant ways.  Your reaction is completely different.  If you are struck by a tornado and suddenly all of your possessions are gone you feel that.  It is not some voyeur activity performed in front of your television.

My point is this….that unless your life is affected we tend not to react.  We can’t respond to every tragedy.  We can’t keep these tragedies from happening.  What can we do?

As we become more and more digital we give others more and more ways to “mess” with our lives.  We have only begun to see how this happens.  If we don’t make our personal data our private property it will have no rights.  Messing with someones data…hey that’s okay…just don’t knock their mailbox over or spray paint their garage.  In fact, they might be able to keep you from receiving funds.

There are other legal and appropriate ways to control funds.

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