Little Data vs Big Data

There is a lot of talk about Big Data, which is a code word for analytics of a large set of others information…primarily yours and mine.  Yeah, we give it away for others to analyze and sift through.  And it is worth money…to someone else.  But Big Data should not exist.  We should not give it away.  It should ALWAYS stay with us.  If THEY want to look at it, we get to decide when and for how much.  We make them pay for it in real money.

Why tell YOU this?  Well, I want to YOU to realize there is another way to manage information.  We need to manage OUR information.  It is part of being digital (no choice it is happening) and retaining our individuality (this is our choice don’t be apathetic).

Big Data should not exist.  Long live little data…lots and lots of it.  Each person should have control.  Never give it away.

The other reason Little Data should exist?  There are too many places for our information to exist today.  Just think of all the companies that keep information about you.  It is probably twice as many as you can name.  Federal Govt, State Govt., local govt., and all of their multiple vendors and data centers.  We need to have it in one place and secured with real laws and security.

Big Data is like the one percent of the population owning 99% of the wealth.  The Big Data companies have the information and the power.  They make more money with our Data.


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