Gun Control and the 4th Amendment

It isn’t only about the 2nd Amendment…the right to bear arms. The 4th Amendment is protection of our property from search and seizure without probable cause and a properly executed search warrant issued by a judge. If you own a gun, (I believe) that gun should be registered in an online database that tracks ownership, location, etc…only not a National Registry. Each gun should have it’s own single object data store that is unique for each gun. A database for a gun only protects the gun from a warrant-less search if the database has the proper security. If you know what gun to look for, then you can find the owner. Most likely you are looking for what guns a person owns and not the other way around. So we need a database for each gun owner. (if you are a database expert you are saying why a separate data store for each… because of the 4th amendment…and because relation databases don’t protect our rights) So, in addition to a database for each and every “gun” we need a database for every “gun owner” that in not a national registry but a personal registry of the owner of the gun. With the proper security this database can be “searched” with a properly executed warrant. In our digital age this might take only a few minutes to execute a proper search warrant and find the information that is needed. PD_130116With the single object data store model, even if the gun had a filed off serial number, based on the identity of the shooter, it should be possible to identify the information on the weapon. If the gun was stolen, and the serial number filed off then more forensic searching would be needed. The key to this problem is to be able to track the non-repudiated unique relationship between the weapon and the person using the gun.