Can information have rights?

I think AIIM is one of the leading professional organizations for the management of information and documents.  They provide many services to their members including publishing, education, seminars and conferences.  The following is from their AIIM Communities website.

If you can remove ALL personal data from the INFORMATION they are talking about then maybe I can agree with some of this, but in general, this carte blanche belief that all INFORMATION should be handled in the way they present is unacceptable.

AIIM Information Bill of Rights

Information is an asset that can be used to change reality, improve positioning, and reduce costs and risks. Knowledge is power, which means increased focus on the information worker in an electronic world. Web 2.0 has already started to influence how employees are connected to each other, and solutions like the iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter change our enterprise requirements for functionality and usability. Information workers want solutions like in Star Trek, and over the next few years we will see new worker models for business information and users.

Information needs will be managed with the following objectives:
1. It must be easy to find, retrieve, and process relevant information.
2. Information must be available when, where, and how workers need it.
3. It must be easy to identify and connect with colleagues, partners, customers, and/or suppliers with the relevant expertise or interests.
4. It must be easy to create, share, and discuss information within and outside the organization.
5. Workers should be notified about information or colleagues that may be of value to them.
6. Staff must learn from each other and benefit from the collective intelligence of the organization.
7. The organization must not lose important knowledge when staff leaves or retires.
8. Business decisions and agreements must be documented and retained for future references and legal compliance.
9. Information must be easily shared, but it also must be secure so that it is only shared with the right people.
10. Keeping everything is not a solution, no matter how inexpensive storage seems. Information that is no longer needed or useful should be systematically deleted.

In short, information must be managed in such a way that it is useful and can be used.

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