Old Mission Statement

The Personal Data Coalition believes in the following truths: 

Emotion trumps logic,

It is not what you do but how you do it that really counts,

and there are three certain things in life, Death, Taxes and Personal Data.

which is why when it comes to information and privacy, for example, the fear of “big brother” trumps all other discussion.

We can’t stop the proliferation of digital information (no one can), but we can control the way it is used.  This is why our focus is on the Constitutional means of the 4th Amendment to keep the oligarchy of big government and big business from abusing our personal rights.  We are not in any way advocating “big brother” but are presenting ways, under the-rule-of-law, to do just the opposite.

Personal Data Coalition believes that certain data is yours and should be yours without fears about how it is being used.

Your information should be available to you without commercial advertising, without fear and with the full protection of the Federal Government and the Laws of the United States of America.

We believe that the technology used to secure, protect, manage and provide your information should not compromise any of your privacy rights. The Government should fund the technology to make our data available electronically, develop standards, provide security and auditing and operate this system for the benefit of every American Citizen.  The cost savings to our Federal Government, State Governments and our citizens should more than balance the costs of providing these services.

We believe that giving up privacy in exchange for convenience is not necessary.  Privacy is possible.  We have to stop giving it away.

The mission of the Personal Data Coalition is to establish the legal standing of personal data as personal property protected by the Rule of Law under the United States Constitution in a new type of information management technology, develop a standards organization to define the specifications for this data and the interfaces and security to the data, work to improve the accuracy and reliability of data, educate citizens, private industry and government officials to enhance trust between individuals and their government and private industry and be more effective and efficient in the digital world.

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