The Personal Data Coalition Organization:


An organization of leading thinkers and industry experts in Privacy, Healthcare Medical Records, Network Neutrality, Database Technologies,  Open access to Governmental Information, Cyberspace Information Management, and Advanced Information Storage and Management in the Information Age.

The role of the Personal Data Coalition is to…

1. Encourage groups and professionals to actively assist in the passage of new privacy laws that protect our digital information;

2. Avoid endorsement of vendors or products and to endorse collaborative open source and standards based solutions;

3.  Assist in using new information management technology that keeps personal data safe from others while providing access by rule of law and under self-control;

4. Ensure that 100% of all citizens are provided this technology and have free, open and unfiltered access;

5. Protect the individuals rights with respect to their personal information.

6. Develop a standards based organization to define personal data and the acceptable use, control and management of that data.

7. Educate everyone on the types of personal data, how to manage it and how to protect it.

8. Help the Government understand the efficiencies of a personal data information management system.