Information Management

“because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do….”

The Personal Data Coalition has this crazy idea that every person’s personal data is their personal property and should never be out of that person’s control.

We want to change the world. We believe that we need to change the rules regarding information management.


The core vision is that Information is about individuals and that Individuals Matter.

The core technology is the Single Object Data store.  It is the Opposite of the relational database.

The days of the Monarchy (Kings & Queens) is long gone.

The Republic / Democracy is loosing it’s effectiveness as the Corporations and Capitalism have overtaken the balance of power.

The 99% has effectively been marginalized because they have given away their information.

In the evolution of the digital world the dis-intermediated is the Government and the Corporate Oligarchy.

The power struggle today is about Information and ownership and authorship (copyright and intellectual property rights).

You can help us. Support a change to the 4th amendment to include personal data as personal property.

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