What is the Personal Data Coalition (PDC)? It is an open organization of like-minded advocates for the protection of personal data under the rule-of-law.

When and why did it start?
Officially, in 2010 but much of the work by the founders is well over 20 years of work.  It was started to educate everyone about the need to protect our personal electronic data and to create a rule of law protection for our electronic data property.
Who are some of the leading organizations and thinkers in this space?
World Economic ForumPersonal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class
John Perry Barlow, Co Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and cyber-world legal visionary
Gordon Bell, Computer Legend and author of the book, Total Recall,

Jaron Lanier, father of artificial intelligent and author of with a bestselling book You Are Not a Gadget

Bob Metcalfe, founder of the Internet and Ethernet
Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, author of Delete, a book on the hazards of saving digital data and related privacy issues in our digital lives.
How is the Personal Data Coalition (PDC) different from other organization thinkers and organizations?  The PDC is the only advocate for treating personal data as protected property under the 4th Amendment.  The 4th Amendment is popularly viewed as the search and seizure or the man-and-his-castle amendment.  Over time, interpretations have been added to include the right of privacy in automobiles and, to some extent, a person’s computer.  Since it is the access to the content that is actually being protected (all possessions including writings, records, papers, and other such sources of information), we feel that Personal Data must be clearly and overtly added to the scope of this amendment.  Until this is done, the actual owners Personal Data will continue to have no control over their own personal property.  
What can I do to help?  The PDC is still a voice-in-the-wilderness.

Who has the right technology?  See Pea Computing’s web site  http://peacomputing.com