About Us

The Personal Data Coalition: Social Entrepreneurs

Founded January 2010

The Personal Data Coalition is an organization of Social Entrepreneurs with the following goals:

  • puts individuals first
  • promotes a return to the fundamentals of a republic with Liberty and Justice for ALL.
  • Promote a Government that is designed to serve ALL of it’s people not just the top 1%.
  • Promote the creation and sharing of ideas and intellectual property in a protected manner
  • Provide All the ability to earn money for their participation, ideas and content.
  • Changes our use of technology
  • Change the laws to protect our digital personal property.

Our goals are to incorporate the ideas of leading thinkers and industry experts in the following areas.

  • Privacy
  • Legal Due Process
  • Fourth Amendment Rights
  • Healthcare Medical Records
  • Network Neutrality
  • Database Technologies
  • Open access to Governmental Information
  • Cyberspace Information Management
  • Advanced Information Storage and Management in the Information Age