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Privacy for what it’s worth

06 Dec

“I like large parties, they’re so intimate. At small parties, there isn’t any privacy.”

That is a quote from The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

It would lead one to believe that Big Data would be more intimate, and more private.  That point can clearly be argued but also gets to the mischievous nature that Gatsby is writing about.  It is easier to be lost in the crowd at a large party.  Encounters can take place without exposure.  The rule of law becomes self-enforcement or unenforceable.

Freedom and law abiding are related topics but don’t always pull in the same direction.

Intentions are always important.

We need to move towards a more regulated and law abiding system of information management.

What we are willing to give up

06 Dec

We gave up our information in exchange for convenience.  A while back we had choices.  We may still have a choice.

Live without a bank account, credit card, insurance, car, phone, drivers license…never fly, rent a car, have cable tv, get on the internet…


It would be a stark life, but you could make it.  Not having a credit score means renting.  You would have to pay cash for everything.

Your medicine and healthcare would have to come from free clinics.

In order to pay taxes  and file a return you would need a Social Security number and you would have to have a SSN to have a job.  You might be able to make one up….but I am not sure.