Why we must stop bullying

08 Dec

Sovereign Nations must stop immediately bullying their citizens and other nations.  They are setting an example for the world and the world’s inhabitants that there are just causes for bullying.  The land grabs and mineral claims must stop.  The claims of governments rights over the rights of citizens is the primary problem with Sovereign States.  What authority do these Sovereign States use to justify their claims of Sovereignty?

Where do the Sovereign Nations get their authority?  From the other Sovereign Nations.  They have to cooperate in order to maintain a balance of insanity.

If I had a big enough military, I could make a claim to the entire earth.  If I could defend my territory, I can claim any property as mine.

I maintain that Sovereignty is the root cause of behaviors that use force to exert control over others.  The United Nations is an organization that gives authority and credibility to these Sovereign Nations.  It is the club of bullies.  We can see them as something else, but the United Nations must change their charter to represent the Life, Liberty and Safety of every person on this planet and not on the continuation of the current state of Sovereign Nations.