Suffering for your Digital Freedom

07 Dec

‘If your project is really about something bigger than you, you can suffer any indignities.’ –@Peggynoonannyc.


Microsoft and seven other tech giants are finally speaking out about government access to our personal data.


“In the United States, government access to personal data should respect the individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.”  …Brad Smith, Executive Vice President and General Council

Suffering for your digital freedom is a worthwhile cause.

The Personal Data Coalition has been sounding this alarm for several years now but has garnered very little attention.  As Peggy Noonan, an astute observer of our world would say, the Personal Data Advocates have suffered the indignities of being ignored. We are thankful for her inspiration for projects that are bigger than any one of us and the need to hang in there no matter how long it takes.  VIDEO:


What is the Personal Data Coalition’s project?


It is about you and your freedom in the digital world.  We can’t stop the digital world, which began with the invention of the transistor and the definition of the bit and continues to change everything about the way we live.  The benefits of a digital world are many but so are the concerns.


We can’t, for example, continue to treat personal data the way we do today.  We have to find a new way of managing our personal electronic data like is has real value — like a currency or our personal property.   We need to make sure that our personal electronic data is protected and secure and that involves changing laws, primarily the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  You can read more here.


We need to automate the legal process of Due Process to allow our legal system to be capable of responding in an appropriate and timely manner.


If you don’t think your freedoms are under attack then don’t bother thinking about this.  If you do, then make sure your friends are thinking about this as well.


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