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Privacy is NOT dead

29 Mar

“‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” – George Orwell 1984

You have been told over and over that Privacy is dead, buried, gone for ever.

The Personal Data Coalition does not believe that.

We are fighting to help people understand that privacy is not a business.  It is a Constitutional Right granted in the Fourth Amendment.  Privacy can’t be something you can buy, although today, that is the prevailing idea.  Privacy is not for the smart or the Luddites.  Privacy knows no color, race, sex or religious preferences.  Privacy is really about the rule of law and society.  It is about the Truth.  Privacy is about our security.

We must feel secure in our lives or we become a society of Anarchy driven by might, guns and fear.  We cannot feel secure if others have our information and we don’t know what they are doing with it.

If our Government cannot protect it’s citizens then it fails to be relevant.  We have seen more every day where our protection is at risk and cyber-security is the next major area of risk.

“In God we Trust, all others pay cash”

With the invention of the transistor and the BIT (the basic unit of information) the digital world was born.  It is a genie we will not get back into the bottle as long as the electricity stays on.  We can’t ignore the consequences of the digital world and how it is changing society.  We can take steps to make it rational and reasonable and keep it from destroying our lives.

Steps you can take.

1. Demand that your Government protect its citizens and their property, digital or otherwise.

2. Ask your Government to develop a technology to keep your information private and secure and separate from other peoples information.

3. Spread the word that Privacy is not dead.

4. Remember that Corporations should never keep your personal information but they should be able to access your information when you agree to let them.

5. Remember that Corporations should pay you for information that they want. Nothing in this world is free.

6. Remember that protecting your personal information is the responsibility of the Government and not something we can do on our own.  No company can protect your information.  In God we Trust…..all others pay cash.

7. Know that Relational Database Technology cannot protect your information.  It is the root cause of the problem.

8. Everything is tracked, traceable and monitored.  That information is personal and should be kept private also.