“Free” Internet Service

26 Apr

How much should each one of us pay to have access to the internet?

I think it should be something like the annual pass fee for the National Parks.

(This is taken from the National Parks Service FAQ )

How many employees are in the National Park Service?

Permanent, Temporary, and Seasonal – Approximately 20,500 diverse professionals

Volunteers in Parks – 145,000

How many people visit the National Parks?

Total recreation visitors to the National Parks in 2009: 285,579,941

Visit the Public Use Statistics for more detailed information.

What is the National Park Service Budget?

FY 2010 Enacted – $3.16 billion

FY 2011 Request – $3.14 billion

How do I obtain a park pass?

Visitors can obtain park passes by visiting their nearest park site. Most sites have passes available, however it is recommended to call a      park prior to your visit. Learn more about the America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass.

(note: based on the annual 2009 visitors and the 2010 budget that is like $11.00 per person)

And,  if you are older yeah, you get a discount….maybe like 50%

Here is what I think I should pay…

Remember there are 350 Million individuals. Even if two fifths of them paid, that would be 140 Million individuals

@$10/year that would be $1.4Billion dollars per year

@$20/year that would be $2.8 Billion dollars per year

Since the internet charges for both ingress and egress traffic (they charge you and the person you are connecting to) they get paid twice for most traffic.

I vote for “free” being less than $20.00 / year for individual internet access.  Let them get the rest from the companies that we connect to.

Most of the internet facilities I have been to are “lights out” (nobody works there) and their costs are for equipment and electricity.  It doesn’t take a lot of people to run the internet.  The equipment is depreciated so the companies get tax breaks on the equipment and the expenses as the costs of business.

Oh yeah, if we made it easy to get a wireless connection (no password) I doubt we would need many customer service people (no password reset).  Companies don’t need much support after installation and most of it can be done remotely.

The internet by definition is “best efforts” delivery so I am not paying for or getting quality of service.

I can afford $20.00 and that includes access at home and away.  Make sure I have Wi-Fi and I will only use my cell when I can’t get Wi-Fi service.  So I get it “free” on my cell phone plan too.