Everyone needs internet access – Net Neutrality

26 Apr

“The internet is global”

[but the global governance of the internet is not recognized or well known or that functional]

“all media is moving to the internet”

[Government censorship or regulation is only available on regulated communications services.  Currently the internet is not under the jurisdiction of any government agency.]

These comments can be heard in this video from Bill Moyer’s Journal It is short and worth watching.

Everyone needs access to the internet.

It should be “free” <$20.00 /year for individuals but organizations and  Companies will have to pay.

The use of the internet is for access to our information and because “all media is moving to the internet” it will be the way we get our general news and information in the future if not already today.   When all of our personal information is online we will have to have open access to the internet as the means to survive.  It will be just like the air we breath.  We will have to have it.  Take it away and we will be unable to function.  It is very important and a necessary resource for our digital future.

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