Open letter to Aneesh Chopra

25 Apr

I attended the Connect 2009 conference in Washington D.C.  and felt a strong sense of commitment to the need for an electronic health record for all U.S. Citizens.  I don’t believe that the efforts behind the Connect software solution will be a solution.  Read this open Letter to Aneesh Chopra for my reasons.

If we don’t address the need for a personal database to keep our personal information we will have bigger problems soon.

As an early member of the Computer Based Patent Record Institute and a committee member I agreed with the findings of that organization.  We need a birth to death electronic medical record.  At some point in time, they gave up on this goal and decided to burden health care providers with the collecting, managing and securing of this data.  With no defined architecture and a lack of understanding about how to fix this problem we are ending up with multiple vendor solutions with no hope of a birth to death electronic medical record.  We have created islands of data.  Haystacks.

What we are planning with local, regional and national data collection nothing could be further from the solution that is needed.  We need a different information management solution for the electronic medical record.  The relational database will fail.  The problem is not a relational data management problem.  It is a personal data management problem.  It is about collecting individual data and storing it in the person’s individual database.

The solution exists.  It works with our current technologies.  Just don’t use a relational database.

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