What needs to change to have an on-line medical record?

30 Mar

We need a lot of things to change to have on-line personal data be it medical record or anything else…

1.  We need a system to securely and privately manage, share, protect and integrate the data for a population of 10 Billion or so people. (it does not currently exist and needs funding)  Healthcare is a Global problem.

2. We need a global legal system with laws and protection for personal data.   (There is no organization, group or entity that can protect personal data around the globe.)

3. We need to ensure that only subordinated Governments (those formed to protect individuals rights) have this technology,  else we fall prey to some form of extermination-ism (genocide) using this data.  We have to protect the individual at all times.

4. We need to define what is personal data. (part of this organizations mission)

5. We need to define who is managing our personal data and what control we have on that data. (doesn’t exist)

6. We need systems, people and technologies to audit and enforce any legal issues with the use of personal data. (doesn’t exist)